Why I Switched from PC to Console Gaming
Console vs PC


Computers are one the most essential pieces of technology today. They have evolved into many different product categories such as mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, games consoles, and many others. However, games consoles, much like mobile devices, have formed a rivalry over the years with the PC gaming community over whether PC gaming is better than console gaming or vice-versa.

If you look at it from a hardware standpoint, it really comes down to budget with PC gaming. Whilst you have a well-built console when buying a Playstation or Xbox, the PC gamer has a vast array of different budgets to consider when building their PC. Here’s my main point from this post. Everyone who plays video games—get this—is a gamer! You, me, your friends, your family! Anyone who plays video games is a gamer! It does not matter what or where you’re playing the game from, everyone is!

Where do you think the term “PC Master Race” comes from? It’s simply implying that PC gaming is above all. And I agree with that sentiment (to some extent). Yes, PCs are heavily customisable. You can run any OS you like (despite macOS, but that’s largely irrelevant here), you can build any specification you would like to go with given your budget and have room to upgrade in future. The world is your oyster when it comes to modifying PCs.

However, PC gamers do not get the beauty of a hassle-free gaming experience. This is why I switched to consoles. Although I enjoyed building PCs and I still do, I often found myself having to repair, look after, and ultimately spend more money on a PC I personally built. This constantly got on my nerves, with other friends having PCs themselves to play games on. Most of the time, there was a competition of who had the better specs to play a certain game better! This then turned into spending more and more money on not just hardware but also accessories that I really just didn’t need at all. It was all about getting that perfect frame rate on the highest settings.

And so I switched to consoles. I found myself not having to upgrade anything. Everything I needed was in one box. Ready to play as soon as I plug it in, hassle-free! This also fuelled my love of console gaming with exclusive titles that are amazing! Titles such as Uncharted, God of War, and The Last of Us! There’s even The Last of Us 2 coming out!

It’s relaxing to be able to just sit on the couch, legs up, wireless controller in hand, and play video games! Because playing video games is what it’s all about. Not having to worry about how my PC ran or having to spend more time on the internet rather than the game it’s self, trying to find higher-end specs for my machine.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t build a PC for gaming. You will definitely learn a thing or two from the experience, but “PC master race”? You really are not superior to anyone else, so stop acting like it. Just go play some video games, as it should be!