True Wireless Charging Is Coming

Often I dream of a world where battery technology isn’t an issue. Where we would have instant super fast charging that would charge our smart devices in seconds. A world where we can charge our phones without plugging it in. “Hold up,” I hear you cry. “Don’t we already have that? Wireless charging has been around for a while now.” Nope! I’m thinking of something much sweeter than that: true wireless charging.


Nowadays, when we think or talk about wireless charging, it involves this flat surface that you place your phone on that will then charge it. That’s all well and dandy. However, I still do not like the idea of having a cable connected and having to place my phone down in a certain spot and position. So for that sake, I do not believe that this is true wireless charging as it still requires a cable and little bit of user hostility.

Enter, uBeam!

Finally, a demonstration of proper wireless charging, available soon: uBeam uses a transmitter that emits high-frequency sound. However, this would be inaudible to you and your pets, says uBeam. Specifically, uBeam utilises utrasound—sound waves whose frequency is higher than the highest frequencies that can be heard by the human ear (which is roughly 20 kHz).


The frequency then emits a target to other receivers that actively requests power. When that receiver gains those ultrasonic frequencies. uBeam says its “like a microphone. The receiver picks up the sound and converts it into usable electrical energy using our proprietary energy-harvesting technology.”

Studies from over the past 100 years have shown ultrasound to be safe without fail, so no worries there. Customers using the technology will be able to stand directly in front of the beam while being completely safe.

This is what wireless charging should be. I dream of a future that we can walk into a local cafe and our devices will automatically charge themselves. Do you know how cool that would be? No more cables! No more having to find a socket, untangle your charger (if you even remembered to bring it with you) and plug in. Isn’t it annoying when your cable is just a little too short?