LG G6: Doing the Right Thing?

With LG’s upcoming event on 26 February 2017 (my birthday!), we at Techmanity are very concerned with the company’s big selling point of upgradability in today’s smartphone catalogue. With the LG G5 from last year, we saw a chance for users to upgrade hardware to support those who are big on having the best battery and photography features in a mobile device. Though sales didn’t skyrocket with the LG G5, I would certainly call it a top 5 smartphone of 2016.


This year, we have high hopes! The main reason why the G5 wasn’t selling as much, was mainly because of simplicity. Like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Pixel. They share one common ground. They both offer simplicity through hardware and software working together. Simplicity in today’s age is what customers are looking for. We as a society have grown out of having removable batteries, though there are still some who appreciate that upgradability, like me.

A recent leak from LG has spread rapidly across the internet, including the supposed design of the LG G6. Although it only shows the top of the device, we still get a glimpse of what LG has in store for us.

At first with the design, I thought it looked a lot like a Samsung flagship from last year. However, with the metal chassis, we can only hope that LG has taken the route of non-upgradability. This does sound like a bad thing, but it’s what users want and LG needs to deliver that.

Looking at the image above, we also see that there may be a less significant camera bump, like most phones. You can tell that the phone is a little levitated in the image, however, it doesn’t seem much. Another thing I like is how thick it looks. Flagships on the market are getting thinner every year. Though, this looks to be impressive by LG. I am very excited to see what they are packing in this thicker phone.

Now, normally I don’t talk about specs much, unless they are interesting, because we obviously would see the improvements of better performance from a new phone every year. However, this year, LG will be using the Snapdragon 821 from last year rather than the new 835 processor, which I think is outrageous of Samsung, given that they have bought most of the stock from Snapdragon for their upcoming Galaxy S8, rumoured for release on 14 April. I wrote about this a few days ago.

We also hope for LG to be running the latest Android 7.0 “Nougat” on this device so that users can benefit from split-screen multitasking. It is also rumoured that the familiar 3.5mm headphone jack may be a hit or miss with this model, but for now, we wait.