Plan Your Nights Out with “I’m In Diary”

Do you ever get those days? You know the ones, when you plan a night out with your friends and it doesn’t work out, because one person wants to go to one place, and another wants to go somewhere else, so you end up going somewhere no one wants to, and its exhausting. Equally as frustrating is when your mates are all using different social media platforms, making collating everything a real hassle. Believe me, I know; I’ve been there!

Luckily, there’s a social calendar app for iOS, to solve just that: “I’m In Diary”.

Detailed above are some of the key features of I’m In Diary.I’m In Diary

I’m in diary works with your calendar to create and manage events that you want to go to with friends that you invite in the app. As a guest, you can also accept if you are in or out for going to that event. So it’s exactly like a Facebook event? This is a question that I have personally been receiving a lot when talking about the app to others. They’re similar, but I’m In Diary is designed to be more intuitive and less time-consuming, keeping everything in one place.

It also has some really nice features, such as the ability for guests to vote on one event over another. This makes it far easier for you and your friends to decide where to go. You can decide multiple times and dates and there’s even a chat room alongside it. If there’s one thing I like about the chat room, it’s that it’s free from anyone sending GIFs and other useless images, because we all know that can get really annoying in a group chat that was meant just to organise something.